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I’m Hana, a free spirit born with the song of the salty ocean in my soul, the magic of the mountains reflected in my eyes, and the whisper of tropical tradewinds in my heart. I’m in love with LIFE, and seeing as much of it as possible! An incorrigible sense of wanderlust has taken me all over this beautiful world, and I’m currently traveling North America living out of a Honda Fit named Skye. I invite you to come follow along!

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Flight Miles, a Broken Car, and a Journey to Guatemala

At 12:05am during an Indiana thunderstorm seven months ago, my heart skipped a couple of beats as I remembered that with the new day came the expiration of a large number of carefully saved-up flight miles. I grabbed my computer, logged onto the airline site, saw that...

Wildflower Dreaming at Rainier

Following my eventful days and sleepless nights in Portland, I headed north to Seattle. Somewhere along the way I began to notice signs for Mt. Rainier National Park, which, naturally, required a detour. So I overnighted at the nearest Walmart (with much better...

A MidJourney Crisis of Sorts

If this current living-on-the-road journey of mine were a life, I’d say that its midlife crisis happened in Portland. Don’t get me wrong – I love Portland. I had a beautiful stretch of time there, and the blur of hours I spent wandering Powell’s over the course of...

“Finishing Utah” at Capitol Reef

Capitol Reef was another of Utah’s national parks that I’d never heard of, and it sounds like a place that I would expect to find in a coastal location, not a landlocked state… But regardless, it’s a “hidden treasure” worth exploring! Located in the south central...

A Bryce Canyon Sunrise

Prior to setting out to explore all five of Utah’s national parks, I’d never heard of Bryce Canyon. For some reason it’s one of the lesser “hyped” parks in the state, but it is incredibly unique, with a landscape that brings to mind colorful medieval...

Landing with the Angels

I was tired and feeling a bit raggedy when I pulled into Zion National Park so thought perhaps I’d give my feet a day off, but then I read about Angel’s Landing trail and changed my mind. It is labeled as being “one of the most famous and thrilling hikes in the...

Getting to the Bottom of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon was on my route map for later in the year when I reached Arizona, but as I studied my atlas one night in snowy Colorado I realized that I would be closer to the canyon when I was in Moab than I would be when I was in Phoenix. So in-between Canyonlands...

Home for the Holidays

I’m cocooned in a cabin in the heart of the Cascades in Washington State, watching oversized flakes fall from the sky and the mountain of snow on the ground work its way up past the windows. It’s a world of white, punctuated only by the green of the evergreens and the...

Through the Coldest States

I looked up at the moon last night as I flew along a snowy Montana highway, and it looked cold. A lonely, haunting shade of cold. I’ve spent the past three days roadtripping through The Coldest States and it has been a sick-fogged, fever-fueled blur of miles -–...

Boondocking Canyonlands

Canyonlands sounds like the name of a playground (…or perhaps the name of a board game with enchanted walkways and gumdrop-studded canyons) – and its subsections, even more so. Island in the Sky?! Yes, please. Although there were no gumdrop-studded canyons to be...