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I’m Hana, a free spirit born with the song of the salty ocean in my soul, the magic of the mountains reflected in my eyes, and the whisper of tropical tradewinds in my heart. I’m in love with LIFE, and seeing as much of it as possible! An incorrigible sense of wanderlust has taken me all over this beautiful world, and I’m currently traveling North America living out of a Honda Fit named Skye. I invite you to come follow along!

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4 Must-Do’s in Montreal

Driving into downtown Montreal after days spent in blissful solitude in Maine and New Hampshire was a tad overwhelming, but only for a moment…or perhaps two 🙂 I was swiftly swept away in the beauty and language of that vibrant city, and my three days wandering...

Nuns and Arches in the Desert

Arches was my 7th national park to explore on this round-the-country trek, and its otherworldly landscape and vibrant color palette were so vastly different from the prior six parks that it felt worlds away. It was warm, which meant that it felt worlds away from the...

Locked and Sanded in Moab

Those quaint little Colorado ski towns get wicked cold at night in October, and after I woke up teeth chattering and with horrendous ear pain in 21 degrees in Breckenridge for the second morning in a row, it suddenly occurred to me that I could do something about it –...

Staying Low in the Rockies

Colorado was a fun state because it involved lots of extraordinary people, in addition to perfect fall weather, snowstorms, miles and miles of Rocky Mountain hiking, and building the first snowman of the season. I have quite a few relatives scattered throughout the...

Snow-Chased Through the Tetons

Teeth-chattering, ice-enveloped nights chased me out of Yellowstone, and after one beautiful night high up on a mountain pass in Montana and another night spent defrosting and staying dry during a deluge in Cody, I headed back toward Yellowstone to work my way down to...

Claustrophobic in Yellowstone

Yellowstone and I took a day or two to warm up to each other. Coming from wide-open, deserted space for days, the tourist-crowded landscape of the country’s first national park felt a bit claustrophobic – and I was there off-season.   I managed to find some quiet...

The Invisible Conversationalist

Sometimes I forget that I’m not a part of conversations. I’ve always been a keen people watcher, but it’s become apparent to me recently that since living on the road I routinely become so fully engaged in other peoples’ conversations that sometimes I literally forget...

Treasure Hunters and Riddled Poems in the Rockies

From Glacier National Park, I made the beautiful drive south along the Flathead Lake toward Yellowstone National Park. East Montana is my favorite. I would like to summer there… as well as Maine, Seattle, and Boulder 😉 Wouldn’t it be nice if each year there were three...

Glacial Healing in Montana

I arrived in Montana at the same time that I came down with a wicked head cold, courtesy of a stretch of 20-something-degree nights and no sleeping bag. One night in Great Falls I made a middle-of-the-night dash inside from my parking space “home” in the middle of RV...

CarDwelling Diaries: Choosing a Vehicle

When it comes to choosing a vehicle to call home, it all comes down to Purpose and Priorities. Will you be CarDwelling/VanDwelling solo or with a partner? Will you be traveling, or predominantly staying put and just living in a vehicle in your city? Do you place more...