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I’m Hana, a free spirit born with the song of the salty ocean in my soul, the magic of the mountains reflected in my eyes, and the whisper of tropical tradewinds in my heart. I’m in love with LIFE, and seeing as much of it as possible! An incorrigible sense of wanderlust has taken me all over this beautiful world, and I’m currently traveling North America living out of a Honda Fit named Skye. I invite you to come follow along!

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The One Question I’m Most Asked as a Car-Dwelling Nomad

Since making the decision to move into a tiny-home-on-wheels and live life as a wandering nomad, I’ve been asked a lot of questions. But it’s been interesting to me that the most common question I’m asked on the road is if I’m lonely, or how I deal with the...

Getting High in the White Mountains

   When I lived in Hawaii, I felt that my entire island was one huge playground. The White Mountains in New Hampshire gave me that same feeling with their lush green, cascading waterfalls, boulder fields, otherworldly views, pine forests, rugged peaks, steep summits,...

Maine-ly Paradise

Since I was a tiny child with hugely-oversized-dreams, I’ve been enchanted with sea-salty air, rugged coastlines, rusty fishing boats, and lighthouses, which, to me as a little girl living in the middle of cornfields in Indiana, seemed as mythical as the goddesses of...

When In Maine, Take the Scenic Route

One of the perks of avoiding toll roads is that you get to take the scenic route. And when you happen to be in Maine, that’s a huge perk. I was lucky to have two separate days of scenic-route-taking through Maine in the past week on my way to various destinations, and...

Slickers, Galoshes, and Cobblestone

New England towns are charming and cramped and can take a little patience to get around, but their character and quaint factor more than make up for it (from a visitor’s perspective, at least.) I had never been to New England before, so was excited to explore the...

Finding the Wilds in NYC

I’m not sure how New York City ended up on my route map – probably because at some point in my planning and map-studying I determined that it’s wrong to be so close to the city that never sleeps and not stop… right?! Regardless of how it happened, it did happen – and...

Stumbling upon the Appalachian Trail in Stroudsburg

Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania was my first stop along the road. Not intentionally – it just so happened that the Park-and-Ride lot I decided to pull off and sleep in was on the borderline of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I woke the next morning intending to continue...

5 Tips for New Uber Drivers

A couple months ago I sat in my car at the cell phone lot of the Ft Wayne International Airport, feet hanging out the window and deeply engrossed in a book, when ping! My phone illuminated with a large white circle. It was my first night as an Uber driver, and my...

A Week on the Road

I drove into New Hampshire today under a shroud of fog and decided it must be one of the most beautiful places in the world (and how have I never been here before?!) And then I crossed into Maine and thought the very same thing, And I realized – This is life now....

Into the Wild

I drove out of one adventure and into another this week, under sunny skies that were hijacked by thick storm clouds as I left the Midwest behind. Torrential downpours marked every mile through Ohio… and then the clouds parted for the briefest of moments to give a...