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I’m Hana, a free spirit born with the song of the salty ocean in my soul, the magic of the mountains reflected in my eyes, and the whisper of tropical tradewinds in my heart. I’m in love with LIFE, and seeing as much of it as possible! An incorrigible sense of wanderlust has taken me all over this beautiful world, and I’m currently traveling North America living out of a Honda Fit named Skye. I invite you to come follow along!

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CarDwelling Diaries: Choosing a Vehicle

When it comes to choosing a vehicle to call home, it all comes down to Purpose and Priorities. Will you be CarDwelling/VanDwelling solo or with a partner? Will you be traveling, or predominantly staying put and just living in a vehicle in your city? Do you place more...

Tribute to the Strangest Looking Pair of Shoes I’d Ever Seen

I think I owe it to my shoes to write a post about them. When I hit the road a couple months ago, it was without hiking shoes. My then-current ones were ill-fitting and left my toes blistered and nails black, so I decided to replace them on my way to the mountains as...

Standing in Standing Rock

I’ve been following the standoff between Standing Rock and the DAPL (Dakota Access Pipeline) for the past few months, and when I realized that I was only an hour from the reservation while driving through North Dakota a few weeks ago, I decided to make a detour...

CarDwelling Diaries: How to Live in a Hatchback

If you plan to live in a car, maintaining a sense of humor is essential. I’d say it also helps to be small, but there’s a 6’2” fellow living on the streets of Manhattan in a Honda Fit, so small obviously isn’t a necessity…But unless you’re slightly vertically...

Finding Myself in the Badlands

The Badlands. The name insinuates their ruggedness, but this unique section of Dakota prairieland needs to be seen to be believed. I was vaguely familiar with their location on a U.S. map, but they weren’t, for some reason, on my route map. However, when I found...

CarDwelling Diaries: The Bed

Whether you’re CarDwelling or VanDwelling, the bed is of the utmost importance. Because if you’re not sleeping, you’re not thriving. Obviously, there are more options for the bed part of the setup if you’re living in a van, simply because there’s more space. But...

Climbing Katahdin

  My journey through Maine was a blissful stretch of time that I wanted to go on forever. But since it had to end at some point, as all journeys do, I decided to mark its endpoint with a climb up Mt Katahdin, which at 5,629’ is the highest summit in Maine and the...

CarDwelling Diaries: Safety

A couple weeks ago I was breakfasting in the quiet side lot of a truck stop during a rainshower, curled up in the back of my car eating my oatmeal and editing photos and in a serious zone. Suddenly there was another head in my tiny-home with me, and a gravelly voice...

Mt. Desert Island’s Best Breakfast

If you find yourself on Mt. Desert Island, be sure to stop by the Common Good Cafe in Southwest Harbor for breakfast. Sure, there are a bazillion highly-rated breakfast spots in Bar Harbor, but the Common Good Cafe is unique. I met a local fellow one sunset who told...

CarDwelling Diaries: Privacy and Window Shades

After picking a vehicle to live in, one of the most important steps in preparing for CarDwelling was figuring out window shades for privacy. Considering that Honda Fits have a ton of windows and are basically fishbowls, this was especially essential. I did a lot of...