I drove into New Hampshire today under a shroud of fog and decided it must be one of the most beautiful places in the world (and how have I never been here before?!)

And then I crossed into Maine and thought the very same thing,

And I realized –

This is life now.


And wonder.

And miles of trails and snarled traffic and mesmerizing clouds and fog that rolls through valleys like an ocean and crammed subways and wide open spaces and truck stop sinks and bird’s eye summit views and crashing waves and silence and mountains that whisper me close and kindness from strangers and empty stretches of highway and the chaos of massive cities colliding with the silence of the wilderness and a whole huge country.


Sunset in New Haven, Connecticut

Today marks one week on the road, and in that week I’ve journeyed through 9 states, hiked 17 miles of Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, killed my car battery in the middle of Staten Island, gotten lost on the subway in Brooklyn, walked 35 miles around NYC, managed to avoid almost every toll road, gotten so hungry that I probably would’ve eaten a cheeseburger if somebody had handed me one, set foot in Maine after a lifetime of waiting, and fallen in love with every single spot I’ve wandered through (it’s probably a good thing that men are a bazillion times harder for me to fall in love with than places…)

I’ve also managed to wash my hair twice — once on a beach in Staten Island, and once in a bathroom sink in the middle of a mall in Pennsylvania — which I think is quite an accomplishment, considering that I’m living in a car (although the latter attempt was an absolute failure – #longhairstruggles)

It’s been a week of huge contrasts (think Appalachian Trail to Manhattan) and adventure and adapting.

There’s a lot to figure out when you’re living in a compact car.

But I haven’t really thought about the adapting part until today, so I s’pose it’s been a pretty easy transition – although when you wake up in a new place to explore every single day how could it be anything but.


Nubble Lighthouse at Cape Neddick, Maine

I’ve thought this about each place so far, but seriously, Maine and New Hampshire are the best and I am heaps stoked to slow down and explore them for awhile, from Maine’s rocky coastline to New Hampshire’s White Mountain peaks.

Any of you from these areas? Let me know what to do and see!