About Gypsy


I’m a blonde-haired, blue-eyed country girl from the cornfields of Indiana, born with the song of the salty ocean in my soul, the magic of the mountains reflected in my eyes, and the whisper of tropical tradewinds in my heart.

Although it will in some sense always be home, the flat terrain, extreme lack of beaches, and mind-numbing winters of the midwest felt like an oversized, awkwardly-fitting coat.

I don’t like oversized, awkwardly-fitting coats, so as soon as I graduated high school I shrugged it off and let my Gypsy-ing feet begin to dance. (Actually, they had their first dance as a toddler learning to walk and developing a lifelong curry obsession in Pakistan many moons ago. I’d say that the developing of my curry palette was probably more important than learning to walk, but I succeeded at both.)

collage2I country-hopped quite a bit through college and the following years, interning at newspapers in Costa Rica and Washington D.C., studying French and chocolate croissants in Paris, volunteering with an NGO in South Africa, backpacking through Europe, doing the whole “Cali girl” thing, dipping my toes into life as a southerner in Tennessee, and then embracing an even more “southern” life a few years later with a four-year stint in sunny South Carolina where I started my photography business… you get the idea. 

IMG_3930In January of 2014, I made an epic, 5000 mile move from the East Coast (Charleston) to Oahu, fulfilling my lifelong dream of living in an eternal summer. It was a risky move, both business-wise and personally, but I stepped off the plane and felt like I was in heaven. And then, six months later, I was booked for a few jobs on Maui and when I stepped off of that plane, it was love at first sight. So much so that two months later I took a little hop and a skip (…also a short plane ride) and made Maui home. Visiting the Islands? Explore my Maui and Oahu pages for lots of info to help you plan the DREAM Hawaiian vacation!

Where Am I Now?

Good Question 🙂

I’m currently exploring North America out of the tiniest of tiny homes – a Honda Fit named Skye. I’ll be wandering the US, Canada, and Mexico until early 2017, hiking, blogging, photographing, and choosing a next spot to call “Home.”

Follow me on Instagram @journeyingbeyond for current location info, and if I’m in your area, get in touch!

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