Prior to setting out to explore all five of Utah’s national parks, I’d never heard of Bryce Canyon. For some reason it’s one of the lesser “hyped” parks in the state, but it is incredibly unique, with a landscape that brings to mind colorful medieval castles with soaring turrets and delicate arches. It is at the top of my list to return and explore a little more thoroughly.

Because I had a limited amount of time in the park, I decided I wanted to prioritize shooting the sunrise.

And although it was an incredibly frigid wait for the sun to pop up over the horizon, it was well worth it. After doing some research and location scouting, I picked Bryce Point as my sunrise-capturing spot, and it was perfect.

Within an hour after sunrise, I stopped at a Fairyland Canyon overlook just outside the park and the views here were stunning as well… and, as the name would imply, quite magical 😉

Sunrises are popular in the park, so if you’re hoping to photograph a Bryce Canyon sunrise… get there early!!

I think landscapes like this must have been the original inspiration for castles and all things magical. Sunrise view from Bryce Point at Bryce Canyon National Park

Early morning golden light at Fairyland Canyon

Sunrise at Bryce Point – Bryce Canyon, Utah