In order for CarDwelling to be sustainable for me, I knew that I needed to be able to do everything I might possibly need to do inside my vehicle.

And I can, whether it’s lighting up my stove and cooking “inside” during a storm, taking a sponge bath, clothes washing & drying (although I do this only in a pinch in-between my bi-monthly laundromat visits,) shaving, and, yes, even pooping.


As a CarDweller, I wash my hair about once a week. The rest of the time, it’s headscarves and bandanas!

The only thing I am unable to do in my car is to wash my hair.

I tried to solve this one day at the beginning by washing it in the sink of a public restroom one time –

Terrible idea.

With short hair it would be no problem, but if you have long hair, the sink will try to eat it and you’ll be trying to comb the dreads out for days. Oh, and the other restroom-users will glare at you profusely.

I have a gym pass, so if I happen to be in a city that has my gym, I just shower there. It varies depending on my location, but at the moment, I get a hair wash and actual shower about once every week or 10 days. In-between times, I rock out bandannas and headscarves like it’s the 70s.


My CarDwelling Hygiene Essentials:


How do YOU stay clean on the road?

Most of my washing-up happens in restrooms at truck stops, Walmarts, McDonald’s, etc., but when I’m not in towns, it all happens in my car. (This is another reason why having good window shades is essential!)

Another thing that I knew I needed in order for my CarDwelling to be sustainable was to be able to avoid looking like a homeless vagrant. And I don’t look like a homeless vagrant, despite access to regular showers (except for maybe one or two days a month…but when I do, I totally rock that out too.)