Colorado was a fun state because it involved lots of extraordinary people, in addition to perfect fall weather, snowstorms, miles and miles of Rocky Mountain hiking, and building the first snowman of the season.

coloradoaspen-1I have quite a few relatives scattered throughout the state — some of whom I haven’t seen in over a decade — so to be able to reconnect and explore their beautiful state made Colorado a highlight of my round-the-country journey.colorado

There were several 14ers that I’d had my heart set (for months) on climbing, but winter had already come to the peaks by the time I reached Colorado and I was too late in the season to be able to get up them. Winter comes early in that part of the country!

It was difficult for me to wrap my mind around, as there were still beautiful, sunny days in the 70s in the lower elevation towns I was in. But after winding my way along a few snow-wrapped mountain passes and hiking through a blizzard, I believed it.

I was a little devastated for a day, but then realized that it just means I get to return to Colorado at another time to bag some 14ers – and that’s something to look forward to 🙂


Huge thanks to everyone I visited in this rugged state for the warm hospitality, hikes, food (!!!), hugs, and laughs… I love you all!


Colorado, I’ll be back soon!


A beautiful morning in Estes National Park