I’m normally pretty good at staying on top of things. Normally. But. Right now? I’m behind on edits and invoices and emails and the like.


Well, mostly because my computer has been in the shop for the majority of the week. But also because I have a new favorite creative medium. Actually, it’s more of an obsession, but ‘creative medium’ sounds better than ‘obsession,’ don’t you think? (I wonder whether there’s a rehab for wire-wrapping addicts?)

This new creative medium involves a lot of chaos that starts out looking like this…


…and ends up looking like this. (There are a lot of parallels to my life right there.)


Earrings-17 Earrings-12

My bestie and I spend most of our Saturdays at the Maui Swap Meet (I hate that term, Swap Meet. It’s more like a vibrant, massive farmer’s market) at a colorful bohemian booth selling art (me) and jewelry (her.) After spending five hours watching her create earrings at our first market a couple month’s ago, my fingers were itching to try. So, over the course of a few weeks and visits to two islands and five shops, I collected what seemed to be the necessary materials and let my fingers get to work, and… here I am, with a chaos-filled living room (aka creative workspace,) owed overdue payments from clients I have yet to invoice, woefully behind on edits, and covered in tiny snippets of wire, but with a very orderly palm frond of earring creations.

Earrings-14 Earrings-16
Earrings-9 Earrings-15

I’m off to edit for a very long time, but please wander on over to my Etsy shop to browse the new additions from my artsy boho dangle earring line! All gemstone and bead colors are customizable, and sterling silver ear hooks are available for all of the sensitive ears out there 😉

Earrings-10 Earrings-1 Earrings-4 Earrings-3