“I am not a stranger, an outsider. I am daughter. Weaver. Messenger. Courageous. Outrageous. Furious. Moon-wise spell-caster. And I am journeying beyond.”

This is the start of a chronicle of a life lived decidedly outside the lines… the successes and failures, the beauty and the ugly bits, and everything in-between. Perhaps it will encourage you to step outside of a few lines yourself… or, perhaps it will have the opposite effect. Regardless, I invite you to join me on this adventure of coloring outside the lines of this massive and BEAUTIFUL canvas called life.

I am Gypsy, a twenty-something girl in pursuit of LIFE lived hard, in all of its wild, messy beauty. I own a wedding and portrait photography business. I am obsessed with an eternal summer and soon (VERY soon!!) moving to a little rock in the middle of a giant ocean, aka Oahu. Dark chocolate, sangria, wasabi peas, & curry can make anything better. I love (and live) to travel, explore, and periodically pack up and move and start life up in a different part of the World. I’m in the middle of one of those Pack-Up-and-Move-and-Start-Life-in-a-Different-Place right now — two weeks ago I packed up 3.5 years of my life on a little island outside of Charleston, SC (Folly Beach) and drove myself, my kitten (Pandora), and my Smart away from life as we knew it. I’ll spend two months state-skipping and welcoming two nieces/nephews into the (cold) world, and then pack up (again) and move myself and my business to a little beach town in Oahu. And in case you’re curious… I’m currently shivering in 5-degree frigidness, so yes, I can’t wait!!

I have a very adventuresome Smart, who wants to get to Hawaii just as much as I want to get him there. You’ll see him popping up around the blog as it takes form and grows… and hopefully in a few months he’ll pop up on the other side of the pacific! He’s an island Smart and has spent his life so far living with sand under his tires (and every inch of his interior), sunshine streaming through his windows, and sea-salty air breezing around him. He gets around though — he’s smart-blazed paths all over South Carolina, North Carolina (the Blue Ridge Parkway is one of his favorite roads), and is currently experiencing snow under his tires for the first time in the icy, blizzard-struck midwest. He loves adventure and doesn’t complain, but… he’s pretty cold and misses Island Life (and sunshine on his windows rather than a snow blanket).

I like to take the not-so-often-walked-on path, which I like to think means that I’m a creative thinker and not afraid to take risks or live “outside the box”, but it could just mean that I’m (extremely) stubborn.   Regardless of what it means, I like it.

I love the art of stringing words together as well as capturing moments of life through my lens, and am excited to introduce Gypsy and her Smart to the blog-sphere! I invite YOU to buckle up and come along for the ride 🙂