Can’t believe it’s already the end of summer! Not that mine is ever ending, but for the rest of the country…

I got to take a whirlwind trip to farm country to visit family and THE BABIES and it was, in a word, divine. I can’t believe how they’ve changed!

Hawaii Baby Photography-14

I held this little guy when he was just a couple hours old, and put the very first clothes on his tiny body. (By the way, he was conceived on the last island I lived on so, naturally, was born with a tan.)

It’s such a marvel to see him and his cousin now, seven months later, and the little people that they’ve become, with personalities and determination and sturdiness and the most wonderful laughs in the world.

Hawaii baby Photography-6Hawaii baby Photography-8Samuel&Panda-4

The hardest thing about living so far away is not being able to see family regularly, particularly the little ones… they change so fast when they’re minatures. But I treasure every moment I have with them, and then I tuck those moments away to pull out when I miss them (which is every day). It’s one reason why I like photographing so much, I think; freezing those life moments to be able to carry them with you, wherever in the world you might go.


I also had the privilege of shooting one of my younger sister’s senior portraits, and she is, in a word, a marvel. She has been from day one, really. She is smart, funny, an angel on the harp, makes the best banana bread you’ve ever had (even better than you’ll find in Hana Town), and, obviously, stunning.

Hawaii Senior Portraits-5  Lizzie-77

I am so proud of her and the amazing woman she has become… her future is going to be a bright one 🙂

I have to throw in a couple more photos from this session…

There had been a bat invasion earlier that day, and  my (very brave) father had it trapped behind a bookcase in the piano room. Being that my sister is musical, like the rest of us, we of course needed a photo with the Windmere Grand. I was a little nervous about that supposedly sleeping bat, but my heroic mum stood guard with a tennis racket and the piano portraits happened.

Lizzie-63 Lizzie-64

She is the most beautiful, genuine, and loving woman on this entire planet to me and if there would be one thing that I could magically change about my life right now, it would be to somehow (magically) have the 5000 miles between us erased so that we could pop over to each other’s houses for a cup o’ tea any time we felt like it (and yet would still be in our own respective paradises).


There’s always something that’s comforting and just good about going back to one’s roots. I think that being away always allows you to see (anything) from a new perspective… and I’ve been away a lot… all different kinds of aways. I find that every time I return to the cornfields and the back country roads and my mama’s kitchen table, I appreciate it even a little more.

More moments to be treasured and tucked away.