Lately work has been taking me to every corner of this lovely island and back again. It’s fun. It’s an excuse to get out of Honolulu town craziness. It’s also exhausting and, at times, exasperating (like when I spent days on end trying to find and identify particular unmarked waves/surf breaks). But mostly fun. I spent three days last week trekking up and down the north shore hunting waves and beaches, and when I was headed back to town late on the last night after a long day of shooting, I blew a tire on the freeway… three miles from home. Second time in way too narrow a time frame that I’ve had to call a tow truck. To be fair to my car, it had been through a slightly traumatic day. Our shot list included the far western tip of the island, which is unpaved and inaccessible by car (unless you have something built for some serious off-roading.) We didn’t go that far in, but there were, apparently, enough humps and bumps where we were to make a tire mutinous.


That’s some serious humps and bumps, y’all. The effect they had on my poor lil tire was pretty serious, too.

I’ve always wondered what it is like to blow a tire and in my imagination, it has typically involved careening chaotically down the road, a flip or two, and an explosion of tire in all directions. I’m happy to report that’s not what happened (except for the tire explosion… that may have happened. I mean, all of the black rubber obviously went somewhere.)


Maybe someday I’ll be smarter than my car. But for now, I’m dependent on hitchhiking and tow trucks. And the people in the tow trucks. Who says there’s not such a thing as a knight in shining armor? This one was so shiny he was practically glow-in-the-dark, which is a good thing since it was late at night and we were on the side of a twisty freeway. He was very… thorough.


 So that was the less ideal part of the day.

Rewind to epic-ness.

Another beach on my shot list happened to be my very favorite beach on the whole entire island of Oahu. It’s named Polo Beach, but I call it Horse Beach. These horses live on the beach. Literally.


I’m thankful for tire ninja knights in glow-in-the-dark armor. And a job that, even when I’m able to come up with an entire TWO things to complain about, is still epically awesome.

laie point-1 malaekahana-1 rocky point-1 turtle beach-1