Once Upon A Time…

I was rambling my way  through a bamboo forest near the Seven Sacred Pools in Hana and someone stopped to tell me that I looked like Little Red Riding Hood, wandering around alone through the forest.

It made me smile. Like Little Red Riding Hood, I feel an inexplicable pull to the Wilds; the Forest; the uncharted territory. But unlike Little Red Riding Hood… I allow no Big Bad Wolves entrance into my world 🙂

As a photographer, I have more photos than I know what to do with. Photos of everyone and everything… except for myself. When I go to look for photos of myself to use for “professional” purposes — websites, business cards, etc — I always find myself rifling through Facebook photos and phone galleries and coming up with nothing. At least, nothing where I’m not covered in sand or mud or dressed in rags or hugging friends.

Lost in the Wild

This scenario has happened countless times over the past few years, and last week it happened yet again and I finally became exasperated enough to do something about it. So I decided to schedule a portrait session. For myself. With myself. It was fun to play on the other side of the camera for a change. (Actually, I was technically playing on both sides… that’s talent. And multi-tasking.) I went into the Wilds and climbed trees, wandered through forest, tip-toed over thorny sand, spun in circles, followed the suntrail into sunset, and probably looked thoroughly crazy to anyone who might have been watching. But that’s okay. It’s Maui. Maui has a lot of crazy, so I’m in good company.

As I got started and flipped through a few images on my camera screen to see what I was getting, that brief encounter in the Bamboo Forest came to mind and I decided to create a Little Red Riding Hood sequence… Maui style, Gypsy flair.


        Hana-16  Hana-14

Problem officially solved. My business website can officially have pictures of me on it now. Yay.
The ‘Wilds’ used for this shoot was Makena State Park, aka Big Beach, aka 165 acres of to-die-for beauty and ruggedness and raw, wild, real, Hawaii. 


Curious how these self-portraits happened?
And also a little setup that looked something like this ( along with a wireless trigger in my hand) …


Note: The plumeria flower sitting on top of the camera was absolutely essential to the process.