One of the perks of avoiding toll roads is that you get to take the scenic route. And when you happen to be in Maine, that’s a huge perk.


Cafe DiCocoa in Bethel, Maine

I was lucky to have two separate days of scenic-route-taking through Maine in the past week on my way to various destinations, and they felt like blissfully leisurely vacation days.

I’ve decided that Maine is equally beautiful under a dramatically stormcloud-studde sky, or an endless-stretch-of-blue cloudless day. My drive from Kennebunkport to the White Mountains was under a stormy sky, and my return drive from the White Mountains to Mt. Desert Island was gifted with a sky of that particularly deep shade of blue that is unique to autumn.


Open stretch of road in western Maine

My scenic routes took me through Ogunquit, Wells, Kennebunkport, Kennebunk, Bethel, Wayne, Gorham, and too many more little towns to remember…
Something curious that I noticed in these Maine towns is that many of the homes are attached to the barns — if anyone familiar with the area happens to know the reason why, please share 🙂