Since before moving to the islands, I’ve felt an inexplicable pull to Maui. I settled on Oahu because I found a great immediate housing situation here, and I absolutely love this island and its beauty and its people AND my community of friends that I’ve met, but still I feel a pull to Maui, like an invisible thread… tug, tug… 

Well, last week, I had the awesome fortune of having two Maui shoots booked within two days of each other. This means that FINALLY my feet got to touch Maui sand!! Even though it was an absolutely crazy time to go being that my Bridal Expo is this weekend —the day after I return — I flew over for four days of epic beauty, exploring, hiking, and awesome clients. Maui stole my heart, and I have a feeling I’ll be back before long…and, at some point, not as a visitor.

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