Kalama Sunset-4

Some sunsets come and go with brilliant flair and flamboyance. Bold. Flashy. Instant attention-grabbing.
Other sunsets slide quietly over the edge, soft and serene, gentle in their stunning.

Kalama Sunset-13

I’m so glad that the only guaranteed about the Rising and Setting of the sun is that it happens, always, and that it is different, always.

Kalama Sunset-12

I’m also glad that I live two blocks from the beach so that I can have a front-row seat each evening to watch the show, be it quiet and serene, like tonight’s, or brilliantly flamboyant as it pulls shut the curtain on the day.

Kalama Sunset-14 Kalama Sunset-11   Kalama Sunset-10Kalama Sunset-9 Kalama Sunset-8 Kalama Sunset-7 Kalama Sunset-6 Kalama Sunset-5Kalama Sunset-1

This stunning beach is the Kamaole Beach Park III (or Kam 3 in local speak) in sunny South Kihei.  Kihei’s six-mile stretch of beaches can never get old because there is so much variety ~ powder-fine white sand, salt & pepper sand, rolling dunes, rugged lava, heavily wooded areas next to wide-open spaces… you get the idea.

And get to call this place home.

Mahalo always, Maui.

Kalama Sunset-3