Spring is finally coming to the Midwest, waking up the critters, stirring life back into the skeleton trees and plants, and slowly painting color back into the landscape.

It’s waking me up too… In case you were curious, I’ve been hibernating all winter long – a hibernation interspersed with baby cuddles, headstands, beautiful family time, and feverish bouts of creativity.Headstand with a Snowman

Winters in Indiana are not fruitful seasons for destination wedding photographers, and, being accustomed to living so much of life behind my camera, the abrupt absence of that left me with an almost frantic need for creative expression in other areas of my life.

So I improvised.

I made a quilt. It seemed like a splendidly Midwestern thing to do, and also allowed me to bring the colors of the ocean into my tiny West Central studio. Quilting underneath it has kept me warm all winter long — it’s my “Midwest winter souvenir” to take along with me to my next destination, and its held together by stitches from all of my favorite Midwest people, which is its best aspect (I tend to get quite sentimental about that sort of thing.)

I also painted brilliant Hawaiian sunsets, colored a hypnotizing collection of mandalas, created a line of gypsy-esque headbands and scarves, developed a macramé obsession, and crafted a huge collection of necklaces and earrings ready for summer market season to begin.

Gypsy Haven Creations

As the culmination of all of this, I revamped and re-opened my online shop, Gypsy Haven, with a new collection of jewelry, art, macramé, and bohemian headscarves. Pay it a visit and show some love!

It might be a premature to say this, as I’m told another snowstorm could still show up to startle us, but I’m feeling optimistic (and slightly intoxicated) from the feel of the sun on my skin after so many months shuttered away from the elements. So, I’ll go ahead and say it (and if there is another snowstorm, I’ll just get to say it again):

I survived a midwest winter.

And, I’ll even go so far as to say that I thrived (save for a few moments that don’t need to be remembered.)

I’m quite proud of myself.

I’m also in awe of the courageous folk who do this year after year, literally for half of their lives. That’s a frightful thing to think about.

But now, daffodils and crocuses are pushing their heads through the soil, the birds are singing that winsome melody of spring, and I…

I made it. And I’m ecstatic to be, soon, rejoined with summer again, and then, after this Indiana summer, to step back into an eternal summer. Just like that, everything is put back into rhythm again.

Thank you, Indiana Winter, for not being too harsh on me.

And thank you, favorite Midwest people, for putting so much love and laughter into those long, cold months. You are, as they say in the islands, da best.

West Central Fort Wayne Over the upcoming weeks, I’m excited to share spring in West Central with you… I’ve no doubt that you’ll fall in love with my neighborhood as much as I have.