Being that I absolutely love change, it follows that I also love the annual transition from the old year to the new (although I sometimes dislike the fact that time is passing so swiftly.) I love looking back on the year that has come to a close–the beautiful and ugly bits, and everything in-between–and I love dreaming of what will fill the pages of the year to come. It’s a rather magical time, I think: anything is possible, and there is a well-defined space of time to fill in any way we choose. One year. 365 days. 52 weeks. 8765 hours. 525949 minutes. And every bit of it is fresh–an endless expanse of blank white pages unsullied by anything from the past year (unless, of course, we choose to drag the past along with us with each new day that we write into existence.) It seems, in a way, to be a holy time. An awe-inspiring time. A time that makes people stop and think… which is why there are so many grandiose “resolutions” made at this time of year. And most of them are carried out–for a few days, at the very least.20150101_180350_1

For a few years, I quit making any sort of “resolutions” because I felt it was a little lame due to the whole new year hype that happens and then the slow (or quick, depending) fading out of the fervor. I like to live in the moment…each moment. But going into 2015, I have two intentions.
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My first New Year’s Resolution for 2015 is to always choose the adventurous option. The option that makes me feel a bit unsure; the one that involves risk, and stepping into unknown, and facing fears, and remaining decidedly outside the box. The one that requires what at times seems like endless amounts of work and thought and planning (or instantaneous impulsive yes-saying) but at some point along the way brings the greatest reward. The one that keeps me on my toes, keeps my reality from getting stagnant, and keeps myself from settling. The one that might draw criticism and possibly might not make any sort of rational sense to those on the outside looking in, but the one that my heart knows is the right one. The adventuresome one. Because if we don’t take risks–if we don’t go outside the norm and comfortable lines of society, or don’t follow our heart because our head says it’s telling us to figuratively jump off a cliff, all of the hours, days, weeks, and years will run together into one big expanse of gray. I want a life of technicolor.

The “safe” option is comfortable, and it might even feel really good, but at the end of the day does it leave us with a feeling of uncontainable excitement and satisfaction, or with the lingering feeling that something we can’t quite put a finger on is missing?

My second resolution is one that can seem quite simple but can be bit more challenging in actuality: To choose love rather than fear, every second of those 525949 minutes.
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Did you create any 2015 resolutions? If so, I’d love to hear them!
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*The images in this post are from the very first sunset of 2015… as you can see, it was absolutely stunning–at least from my view on Maui’s sunny shores!