I spent the wee minutes (aka midnight) of the last morning of the year traipsing through a 1-degree winter wonderland that sparkled and shone and looked like what I imagine the galaxy would look like if I were ever to fly through it.

In addition to admiring the snowy glitter, I also happened to be sorting thru every dumpster and garbage can I passed. Why not go dumpster diving in 1-degree weather at midnight on the last day of the year, despite the fact that A) it was way too cold for flip flops, B) there were no palm trees ANYWHERE, and C) my mouth was so frozen that I slurred like a drunk? Totally my thing.

It really was beautiful. I can count the number of snowfalls I’ve seen in the past four years on one hand (4 fingers, to be exact.) I like how there’s sometimes huge flakes and sometimes small ones, how sometimes it looks like thousands of diamonds shooting through the sunlight and other times like a blur of softness that covers the world in a blanket, and how sometimes they rush down in a frenzy of urgent purpose and other times swirl lazily with no particular destination in mind.

Back to the dumpster diving… my purse (which contained the majority of my life) (ok, that’s a huge exaggeration but still, there was a lot of very important and valuable stuff in there) was stolen earlier in the evening so there was a purpose to my slightly abnormal and potentially dangerous (what if somehow I fell in love with 1-degree weather and a complete lack of palm trees and wearing 200 lbs of clothing??) behavior.

While the very-but-not-ridiculously-important purse was stolen, I was at a coffee shop being extremely productive with my brother and sister-in-law. They are talented in a lot of ways that I am not, and have a shop full of equipment that I haven’t the slightest clue about except to think it sort of resembles a collection of torture devices. But, a lot of magic comes out of that shop. They craft wood like a weaver creates a tapestry and now, thanks to our evening of extreme productivity and a stolen purse, the magic can be viewed and shared with the world. Check it out!

Happy New Year! And beware of cozy coffee shops in tiny towns in the middle of Amish country… they apparently can be a bit more dangerous than one might think.