I had a beautiful, emotion-full weekend that made things (and by ‘things’ I mean leaving Indiana) start to feel very real.

  1. On my way to work Friday morning, I bought a car. (…Not quite as random as it sounds.)
  2. On Saturday, after teaching my nephew the skills of scoring free candy at a parade, I moved out of my castle-esque Indiana hale (home) and handed over the keys. (Sidenote: I officially fulfilled the first lease of my life. It was pretty easy in such a cozy little brick-walled studio, but still, it feels like an accomplishment.)
  3. IMG_20160711_090527

    the Nephew giving Pele a bath

    And on Sunday, I prepared my tiny adventurer named Pele (the little lava-colored scion IQ I bought when I arrived on the mainland last November) to find a new owner/travel partner.

The ‘new’ car, a Honda Fit the color of a peaceful sky, is an essential part of this next journey — I’ll spend the next 52 days turning her into a ‘home’ before we hit the road September 1st (naturally, solar powered twinkle lights are absolutely crucial.)

There is a very, very long story behind the buying of this car, but I am a firm believer in transforming ugly things into beautiful things, and this car is my beautiful thing.

I am grateful.

Honda Fit - car dwelling

my new ‘home’ (with Pele and some favorite people in the background)

The weekend ended with a lingering evening on a porch amidst the glow bugs and cicadas with some of my favorite people, and as I sat there and looked at both of my cars parked out front – one representing the soon-to-be-ending season and one the new – and contemplated my new homeless (although I prefer nomad) status, it all got real. As eager as I am for a new adventure, I know that driving away from this cornfield state will be as difficult as it is exciting (because of the people in it, not the cornfields.)

About the trip:

I leave Indiana on September 1 for a 3(ish)-month, 13,000(ish) mile roadtrip around the US and Canada to search out my next “home” and explore the nooks and crannies of this Biggest Island along the way.

Journeying Beyond Road Trip

This is my tentative travel plan, but since it’s me, there will be heaps of tweaks and adjustments and unplanned detours along the way 😉

What are some of your favorite hikes and sights in these states?!