I drove out of one adventure and into another this week, under sunny skies that were hijacked by thick storm clouds as I left the Midwest behind. Torrential downpours marked every mile through Ohio… and then the clouds parted for the briefest of moments to give a glimpse of a sunset-that-seemed-to-not-know-there-was-a-thunderstorm-going-on against the backdrop of rolling Pennsylvania. The rain chased the sunset out of the sky a couple miles later, but that one moment was magic.



‘…I live in a Honda Fit named Skye’

I’ll be spending the remainder of 2016 exploring the USA out of my little Fit named Skye. As I’ve spent the past couple weeks getting ready for departure day, it has all felt decidedly unreal.

I don’t know how long it will take to settle in that yes, this is reality not a dream, but as I sat today on top of a mountain in New Jersey and looked across the Delaware River to the peak I bagged in Pennsylvania yesterday, I felt the most beautiful sort of bliss and gratitude.

I have a tiniest-of-tiny homes that can settle wherever I choose to park it for the night. The entire country is a possibility, and there is nowhere in particular I have to be for the duration of the year (other than to try to make it to Indiana for Christmas 😉 ) It feels very surreal. And crazy. And amazing. And freeing. And slightly ridiculous.


Hiking Mt. Tammany in New Jersey along the Appalachian Trail

Tonight, ‘home’ is in Staten Island… and beyond that, there’s a whole country full of mountains waiting to be climbed, faces to be learned, and stories to be heard.

If you want something, get out there and make it happen.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” –Mary Oliver