New England towns are charming and cramped and can take a little patience to get around, but their character and quaint factor more than make up for it (from a visitor’s perspective, at least.)


Wharf in Portland, Maine

I had never been to New England before, so was excited to explore the Northeastern coastline starting in New Haven, Connecticut, and rambling all the way up to Bar Harbor, Maine.

Providence, Salem, Boston, and Portland were all on my route list, and finding good parking/sleeping spots at night in each of those hilly, cramped cities was an adventure. (It can be a little discouraging when you finally find the perfect place to park and then realize it’s on a straight vertical!)

love lock wall portland

The “Love Lock Wall’ in Portland’s Old Port


Providence funky vibe was a tad addicting, and I’m now on a mission to convince my little sister to go to college at Brown so that I have a reason to go back and visit.

Downtown Providence, Rhode Island

The artsy side of Providence, Rhode Island

My time in Boston was a blur of strange traffic tunnels, beautiful architecture, cobblestone, on-top-of-it meter/parking cops, and wind (thanks to Hermine). I arrived late afternoon in the middle of a fierce storm, but woke up to a much more sedate rain shower so wandered around Cambridge for awhile, which made me feel a little smarter than I typically feel after waking up in the back of my car 😉


Portland was a quick, one afternoon stop-through on my way to New Hampshire, but wandering the cobblestone streets of Old Port is a must if you’re passing through, as is a stroll down one of the wharves to get coated in sea-salty fishiness.

So far I’ve wanted to stay in every place that I’ve visited, so it’s good that my preferred climate is limited to only a very few locations or it might be a very difficult choice.  

House of Seven Gables, Salem

The House of Seven Gables in Salem, Massachusetts

But seriously, I am in love with New England and I can’t wait to come back on many more explorations in the future.

The accents make my heart smile.

Also – New Englanders seem sturdy and capable and I imagine that they are so good at the Winter thing. Watching them trudge over the cobblestone in their rain slickers and galoshes and umbrellas – as I slosh through puddles in my slippers – is inspiring. I do, however, for the first time in my life, have a rain jacket, and it has been getting heaps of use. So – when in New England, bring a rain jacket. And maybe galoshes.